Art Handling

Art Installation




Rajas is passionate about best-practice care and handling of fine art objects, and creating dynamic exhibitions to display them.  Our experienced art handlers are efficient in safely preparing, packing, transporting and installing your next project.   Request a registrar for detailed condition reporting and photographs for incoming and traveling loans.  Rajas also provides temporary storage solutions. 

Collections Management

Building a historical collection begins with proper collections management.  Rajas provides a full range of services to assist with art research, databasing, inventory management, design for informational materials and proposals, cataloging, and copy and installation photography.  We will guide you through the catalog production process and help you to professionally liaise with contributors, design, and print your next publication. 


Project Management

Let our project managers expertly coordinate your next exhibition.  We cover every detail of exhibition planning, design and production, including all aspects of administration and communication.  Our logistical services include sourcing artist and exhibition materials, fabrication, hiring outside contractors, space preparation, shipping arrangements, developing budgets and bookkeeping.